Lake Merced Golf Club
Hole 2
Par: 4
Plates: 377
I: 368
II: 332
III: 315
IV: 239
Men: 11
Women: 9
Hole 2 Discussion

The second tee shot features a large central bunker that should, ideally, be in play for players as they play this hole. Clearing bunker will leave the green entirely accessible, but most players will likely want to hold back. Pin position matters here as well. A right side pin will strongly encourage players to flirt with the left side of the fairway bunker. Any hole position along the heart of the green allows much more optionality, as players can run the ball up.

The main concern on the approach are the bunkers. Players may opt for a run-up to take much of the risk out of this shot, but the area short-left of the green funnels into the left side bunker, so be wary.

The green itself is a back-to-front green through the heart of the left side, whereas the right side is plays back-right to front-left down to the main part of the green. Being behind the hole here will leave a challenge.