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Q: How do I get my home course on this wiki?
  1. Sign up: here
  2. Once logged in: add a course
  3. Once your course is added you can:
    • Add a course description
    • Add course facts (especially the latitude/longitude)
    • Input full scorecard information
    • Then add hole descriptions

Q: How to add course notes?
  • Add your commentary about strategy and facts about any course or hole
  • Please do add tips on:
    • How to play the hole
    • Where to hit if the shot is blind
    • Which way does the fairway kick on the drive?
    • Are there any hidden bunkers?
  • Please do not discusss whether the hole or course is "good" or "bad." Just factual attributes.

Q: How do add hole illustrations?
  • On your desktop, download Inkscape (it's free!)
  • Get a satalite image of the hole you want to map. One place is the USGS Earth Explorer
  • Download any .SVG template hole, for example: #13 at Augusta
  • Follow the instructions of my tutorial here
  • For advance users, see The Techie Golfer's video that inspired me when I started mapping courses.
  • The recommended file type is .svg (scalable vector graphics)