Our Goals:
Free and Open Guides to All Golf Courses
Help Courses Without Large Budgets Gain Attention for Excellence
Support Municipal & Public Golf Courses
Provide Recourses For Players of All Levels
Support A Sustainable Vision for the Game We Love

What is Golf Course Wiki?

It is an encyclopedia of golf courses, editable by anyone. No membership or sign up is necessary, just click edit, and start editing.

The site is a work in progress, is slowly being updated, and improvements and features are added as soon as they can be.

Why should I use this?

The site is about making golf more accessible. Adding in depth guidence to a course helps everyone. For example, with the type of advice here junior golfers are able to study courses they've never played before a tournament. It can also help people explore courses in a place they plan on visiting.

What do I get from the site

The site creates course guides from the information people add. These are free to download and easy to print at home. Many detailed guides already exist for courses in the Bay Area now, but as the site grows more will be available in other areas.

A good example course to see the full potential of the site is the North Course at Corica Park, which is a fully mapped guide with a depth of information about every hole.

Also, explore courses built by different golf course architects and see if any are in your area.

Can I add my favorite course?

Yes, please do!

What do the flag colors mean?

: Full course guide with holes and greens mapped.
: Course guide with holes mapped.
: Course guide with hole descriptions/advice.
: Some course information.
: Private course.
: New course that needs edits!

Why not automate this? Why do I have to add this information myself?

There are significant legal and practical issue here. Lots of the data that exists is incorrect. Even official date from the USGA is frequently wrong and conflicts scorecards at a course. The site works best when locals or members add the info and give advice. It takes some time to add or update a course, but once the database becomes large enough, courses themselves will likely want to keep the entry on their course up to day, which takes very little time or energy.

As information is added, more features are unlocked. Once a basic scorecard is in place, each hole can be discussed on it's own page.

This is a labor of love by people who love golf courses to give that history and information to future generations.

Thanks for visiting, any participation is appreciated