Glencoe Golf Club

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621 Westley Rd,
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The Village of Glencoe administers the Glencoe Golf Club. The Board of Directors of this Not For Profit Illinois Corporation is the Village Board of Trustees of the Village of Glencoe. The Glencoe Golf Club is a 501c3, enterprise fund of the Village of Glencoe. The facility is self-sustaining and receives no financial support from tax dollars or any other outside source.

The Glencoe Golf Club was established in 1921 by a group of Glencoe residents in search of an alternative to private country club membership. On June 6, 1922, the Cook County Board approved an agreement with the Glencoe Golf Club granting the use of land for the first nine holes (the front nine as we know it today) and construction was initiated using funds from those Glencoe residents. The second nine holes (the back nine as we know it today) were constructed on the 31 acres owned by the Village of Glencoe adjacent to the golf course. In 1927, the Village of Glencoe purchased an additional 29 acres of land to go with the 31 acres already owned immediately south of the second 9 holes. Expansion of the back nine to the present condition was completed in 1930 with the full 18 holes put into play in 1931. Since its inception as one of the first public golf courses, the Glencoe Golf Club has grown to become one of the finest public golf facilities on the North Shore.

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