Fairgrounds Golf Course
Hole 9
Par: 3
White: 180
Green: 75
White: 2
Green: 5
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Sand in play
Water in play
OB in play
Prevailing wind: Headwind (from white tee)
Hole 9 Discussion

The ninth tees are the most divergent between greens and whites on the course. The green tees simply ask players to pitch over a pond to a welcoming green. The white tees, located at the end of the driving range, leave a massive shot into prevailing winds with trouble on both sides of the green.

From the white tee, the entire left side is out-of-bounds in the driving range. Shots approaching the green bring the water on the right side into play. The back and right side of the green both kick toward the water, and there is a bunker short-left.

There isn't really a safe play to the green on this hole, and laying up may be the best option for many players. Close matches will very likely be decided by this challenging and highly penal hole.