Metropolitan Golf Links
Hole 10
Par: 5
Black: 569
Blue: 538
White: 511
Silver: 477
Red: 477
Gold: 462
Men: 2
Women: 4
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Sand in play
Water in play
Toilets available
Prevailing wind: Headwind
Refreshments Available

The tenth is the signature hole at Metro. A double-dogleg par 5, that will test the mettle of any golfer. The route to the green is a serpentine that will ask players to risk a high wedge over a gap in a stiff headwind.

The tee shot plays to two fairway bunkers guard against cutting the corner on the right side.

Playing for the green in two here is madness. The second shot is a trade-off between safe length off to the right, or tucking the ball close to the water on the left.

Playing into the green will be different from ever position. A bunker short guards the front of the green, but pin position is the main concern.

The green features a steep ridge down the center. When the pin is left, players will hardly be able to hold the green putting from any other section of the green. This complexity may encourage players to play in from the far left over the gap when the flag is below this ridge.