Lincoln Park Golf Course
Hole 17
Men: 3
Women: 4
Blue: 240
White: 230
Red: 218
Men: 10
Women: 18
Sand in play
OB in play
Hole 17 Discussion

It is no understatement to say that the 17th hole at Lincoln Park has one of the best golf views of any hole in the world. It is worth the price of admission just to play this one hole. Standing on the tee, the player looks out on a panorama with the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach, and San Francisco's Sea Cliff neighborhood. It is not uncommon to see people recklessly picnicking on the fairway to take in the views. Most of them seem completely ignorant that they are on a municipal golf course. It's a good idea to politely wave and to ask them to move.

The 17th hole is very similar to the previous hole - a long, downhill par 3 of about 240 yards - but the tee shot is more inviting and open than the semi-blind 16th. Out of bounds is in play on both sides this time. Balls are routinely gobbled up by the eucalyptus trees on the right.

Like the 16th, if it's dry the conservative play is to land short and try to run the ball up. A solidly struck tee shot will bound on to the relatively flat and large green, while mishits short will leave a manageable pitch. If it's wet the only real option is to fly the ball to the green. Bunkers to the right and behind the green are best avoided and going left or long is also no good.

The green is a gentle back to front, so the hole is not particularly challenging, but being below the hole will be ideal.