Lincoln Park Golf Course
Hole 16
Men: 3
Women: 4
Blue: 239
White: 229
Red: 219
Men: 4
Women: 16
Sand in play
OB in play
Hole 16 Discussion

Hole 16 is the start of a brutal three-hole finish and the first of two nearly identical long, downhill par 3s.

The 16th is the more challenging of the two. On the tee, the player must contend with a semi-blind tee shot, trees close in on the right, prevailing wind from the right, a right-to-left slope of the land, and out of bounds all the way down the left.

The best-planned shots will move from left to right against the prevailing wind and land about 15 yards short and right of the green, using the natural contours of the land to bound the ball onto or near the green. Chip shots from short and right to the bowl-shaped green should be easy to handle.

Misses on the left that manage to avoid the trees, water, and OB will need to contend with a deep greenside bunker or a short-sided pitch shot up and over a hill.

Pars are to be celebrated at the 16th hole.