Lincoln County Golf Course

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783 Golf Course Road,
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Pioche is home to the Lincoln County Golf Course. In 1860, Pioche was a mining camp with a reputation of being one rough town. History has it that 72 people died there before a natural death was recorded. A report in 1873 stated that half of the community were thieves, scoundrels or murderers. And the population was more than 8,000 at the time.

Today, Pioche is a remnant of a ghost town and historic curiosity, with only 800 people living there. Historic significance, -9-. But here’s the problem: There are a lot of golf lovers in the area. And the nearest course is more than 100 miles away in Ely. What to do? Build a golf course, of course!

And that’s what Richard and Peggy Decker did 10 years ago. With the help of 25 or so volunteers, they carved from the rugged desert terrain a par-29, nine-hole course measuring 1,656 yards. Don’t get me wrong; there is not a lot of grass on the course — very little, in fact. No clubhouse, no waterfalls, no golf carts, no beverage carts, not even an attendant. The fairways are desert landscape minus the local shrubbery.

“It was an undertaking of love,” Peggy said. “Ten years ago, we put an ad in the newspaper, and 100 people showed up to help build the course. Groundbreaking was July 1, 2001. We held our first tournament on Labor Day of that year.”

The tees and greens are constructed with artificial grass. Special take-along pads of the fake grass are available for use during your round so you won’t damage your clubs.

“It’s a most unique golf course, that’s for sure,” Peggy said. “It’s not beautiful, but it’s a real tough layout. We refer to it as the golf course of the future, considering the lack of water.”

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