Lake Merced Golf Club
Hole 5
Par: 4
Plates: 485
I: 369
II: 351
III: 345
IV: 313
Men: 5
Women: 3
Hole 5 Discussion

The fifth hole is defined by a deep valley short of the green. Given that, keeping the tee shot in the fairway is extremely important, as players who come up short on the approach will be in real trouble. Two fairway bunkers make the tee shot complicated. If players can clear both they will run down short of the green (again, however missing the fairway will likely leave players with a downhill lie out of the rough). The left bunker should be short of carry range for most players hitting driver, but the right-side fairway bunker may be in play for shorter players. Again however, players should focus on holding the fairway here.

The approach is central to playing this hole. If the player is above the ridge, focus on getting the ball to the green (anything short can roll all the way down the valley). If the player has successfully reached the valley, the play is a cute wedge up onto the green. Anything left on the downslope will be tricky.

The green has three sections. A small ridge separates the back-right above the rest of the green. Otherwise the green slopes generally back-to-front.