Horse Creek

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1745 Hwy 78,
Fairway Grass:
419 Bermuda
Greens Grass:
Tift Dwarf
Courses Nearby:
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All four sets of tee markers are shaped fittingly enough as horseshoes (the prongs face up for good luck, I noted). From the back horseshoes of this par 72 course it measures a healthy 6883 yards down to a more playable distance for most players from the whites (6141 yards).

The front nine is fairly straightforward and winds its way through trees for the first four holes. These holes shouldn’t present the golfer too many problems. No. 5 is a fun par 3 which provides a panoramic view of much of the property and numerous holes. It shows 214 yards on the card from the back tee, but it won’t play anywhere near this yardage as it is straight downhill to large green guarded by two green side bunkers.

The next three holes are more open and indicative of the openness of much of the terrain. You then end the front nine with a challenging par 4, which plays uphill and is sure to be one of the lowest handicap holes.

Head to the back nine and the course takes on a completely different character and look. Water hazards which are few and far between on the front nine are far more prevalent on the inward nine and hence the chance of getting into trouble is heightened.

Via Horse Creek GC