Former site of Arbory Brae Golf Course

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Arbory Hill,
ML12 6RW,
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Abington Golf Club, the forerunner of Arbory Brae GC, was founded in 1892 and disappeared in the 1930s. See separate article on the website for the history of this early club.

In 2000 two golf-mad brothers, Alfie and Harry Ward, fulfilled their dream to restore the former course at Arbory Brae, Abington, to its former glory. The golf clock would be turned back to the time of hickory clubs and plus fours, golf would be played as golf was played in the early twentieth century. Unfortunately, due to financial restraints, combined with the foot and mouth outbreak, the course had to close in 2003.

"The original course at Abington was laid out in 1892 by Willie Fernie of Troon, The Open winner of 1883. As was the norm for these pioneers of golf course architecture, Fernie would probably have arrived by train, be refreshed with tea and scones, and then be shown the ground upon which another inland golf course would be born. Having surveyed the 25 acres of rolling ground below Arbory Hill, the actual laying out of the 9-holes would have then commenced. Accompanied by a few committee members armed with wooden stakes and a mallet, Fernie would have simply walked, and led the committee giving instructions to the placement of tees and greens en route. No doubt his professional judgement would be fully explained, and justified, between stopping points to these new disciples of golf."

Arbory Brae Golf Course, South Lanarkshire. (2000 - 2003), via Golf's Missing Links.