Diamond Springs Golf Course

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3400 34th St,

$50 - walking

Fairway Grass:
Dwarf bluegrass
Greens Grass:
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Established in 1999 and conveniently located 30 minutes southwest of Grand Rapids, nestled in 250 acres of oak and pine clad sandhills, Diamond Springs brings affordability and an unforgettable experience to all skill levels of golf. Both challenging and breathtaking, the dramatic settings and architectural design truly are one of a kind that keep golfers coming back time and time again. The first nine holes offer dynamic greens and interesting topography, while the back nine meanders around a stunning ravine and is the perfect way to end a round.

Via Diamond Springs GC

Eight holes into the round, I found myself in a state of euphoria. I turned to Will Knights and said “if I could play this course everyday, I’d be a happy man.” In a way, that’s the greatest compliment you could pay a golf course. The amazing part is this statement came before Diamond Springs’ design kicked into full gear.

Diamond Springs is everything that public golf should be. In 2002, a group of investors hired a talented young architect. They gave him a nice piece of land and the task to build an affordable golf course. The end result is a layout that can stand up against some of the best architecture in the midwest at a price point few touch. The course’s aspirational qualities go far beyond its architecture. 95% of public golf courses should take a close look to Diamond Springs’ maintenance practices. It employs a single cut height of grass across the property and native grasses for contrast. It’s functional and promotes an ideal playing surface for a public golf course. The turf is maintained with a simple single-row irrigation system that struggles to reach the outskirts of the fairway. The fairways are by no means tight, but they play firm, especially towards the edges. The lack of water allows the native grasses to play perfectly. They are light, whispy and easy to find balls in – the perfect mix of playability and unpredictability.

Andy Johnson, Michigan’s Hidden Gem: Diamond Springs, 2018