Coyote Springs Golf Club

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3100 NV-168,
Coyote Springs,
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Coyote Springs, Nevada, is a master-planned community being developed in Lincoln County and Clark County, Nevada. The community was initially planned by developer and attorney-lobbyist Harvey Whittemore and Pardee Homes. Thomas Seeno and Albert Seeno, Jr. became the sole owners of Coyote Springs following Whittemore’s resignation from the Wingfield Nevada Holding Group amidst legal troubles. No homes had been built as of June 2018.

A golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus has been constructed, but additional work was put on hold due to the economic recession in the United States and complex legal issues. The planned development has attracted controversy because of environmental concerns and allegations of political favoritism.

In February 2009, the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental advocacy group, announced plans to sue the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for violations of the Endangered Species Act. The center contends the Coyote Springs development and resultant loss of water resources and habitat would harm the desert tortoise and potentially hasten the extinction of the moapa dace, both endangered species. The Fish and Wildlife Service and Nevada’s water authority responded that they, too, are interested in protecting the moapa dace, a small fish living in the Muddy River north of Las Vegas.

In May 2018, Nevada state water engineer Jason King blocked continued development of Coyote Springs.

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