Spring Hills Golf Course
Hole 17
Par: 5
Blue: 508
White: 503
Gold: 498
Red: 476
Men: 8
Women: 6
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Sand in play
Water in play
Hole 17 Discussion

The 17th is a reachable par 5. The tee shot plays out to narrow fairway.

The second plays downhill. Players playing in two need to use this elevation, and be wary of the hazard on the left side of the green. There is a bunker short right that will stop anything rolling up.

Playing in three is much more simple. The second shot will end up on ground sloping right to left, so it's much better to miss to the right side here. From there, the approach should be mostly straight-forward, again, noting the bunker short-right.

The green has a soft ridge line moving across it. It can make putt very easy to misread.