Metropolitan Golf Links
Hole 3
Par: 5
Black: 523
Blue: 498
White: 468
Silver: 468
Red: 439
Gold: 410
Men: 15
Women: 5
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Sand in play
Water in play
Prevailing wind: Right-to-left

The third is a par 5 that is a test in the wind. The only hazard on the tee shot is a bunker on the right side. When the wind is up, shots will be push away from the hole toward the 17th fairway.

Aggressive players playing in two need to be wary of the wind pushing them into the left greenside bunker.

Playing a second here, the concern is avoiding the red stakes along the right side. Safe players will leave the shot center-left, short of the left-side fairway bunker.

The approach is highly dependent on pin position. A left side pin is easy to roll up to, as there is a strong ridge in the middle of the green to slow shots. A back-right pin is a serious challenge.