Lions Municipal Golf Course
Hole 12
Par: 5
Blue: 493
White: 434
Red: 413
HCP: 4
Sand in play
Water in play
Toilets available
Hole 12 Discussion

Hole 12 is a reachable par 5, but the hole is guarded by both bunker and a large water hazard. Strong players will be tempted to carry the water on their second shot, but many will end up in trouble.

The tee shot is simple. Length is rewarded here, and long shots can kick forward. The ideal shot will leave you on the center or right side of the fairway with a straight shot to the green.

The second shot when playing for the green in two is much more technical. Reaching the green is critical, but there is little room to miss on either side.

Playing for three leaves a simple layup to the area on the right side of the water. From here, a short wedge into the green, ideally one will be playing away from the bunkers on the right.

The green here is not simple, and slopes dramatically in parts.

There is a storm shelter just past this hole.