Lincoln Park Golf Course
Hole 9
Par: 4
Blue: 309
White: 294
Red: 279
HCP: 5
OB in play
Toilets available
Refreshments Available
Hole 9 Discussion

#9 is effectively the turn (and may act as the first tee depending on how they're running the course). This will be the closest point to the clubhouse until the 14th tee.

The ninth hole is a dramatic, difficult uphill par 4 that plays substantially longer than the scorecard yardage. The tee shot plays directly into the wind and the landing zone pinches up as the ball gets closer to the hole. A left miss is preferable to a right miss, which necessitates a chip-out from the forest.

The approach shot to the sharply elevated green may play 2, 3, or even more clubs long depending on the weather conditions. Shots with sufficient distance are likely to be rewarded thanks to the surprisingly large landing area at the top of the plateau and bowl-shaped features to the left that can kick the ball toward the green. The green is large, deep, and sloped from back to front, so staying short to get an uphill putt is likely to be a bad strategy.