Lincoln Park Golf Course
Hole 3
Par: 3
Blue: 156
White: 140
Red: 133
HCP: 15
OB in play
Hole 3 Discussion

After a long walk that winds past the entrance to the Legion of Honor museum, players reach #3, one of the quirkiest and most difficult holes at Lincoln Park and likely the only dogleg par 3 in San Francisco.

Except for a small portion of the large, flat green peeking out on the right, the tee shot is semi-blind; the player's view is dominated by a large tree just short of the green and trouble lurking on both sides. With the prevailing wind coming in and off the left and a tee box situated at the top of the hill with little protection, the hole plays much longer than its stated distance and forces the player to hit a high draw against the wind in order to clear the tree and attack the middle part of the green.

Balls that miss left plunge down 30 feet or more into sandy scrub beneath a grove of trees. Balls that miss right go down a cliff into oblivion. The most prudent play may be to aim for the plateau just short and right of the green alongside the blocking tree, which will allow a straightforward pitch shot and hopefully a short par putt.