Lincoln Park Golf Course
Hole 14
Par: 4
Blue: 259
White: 251
Red: 242
Men: 12
Women: 8
Sand in play
Toilets available
Refreshments Available
Hole 14 Discussion

#14 is likely the most strategically challenging hole on the course. It's a dogleg left, but much of the fairway puts the green out of play due to overhanging trees. The large hill on the right kicks most shots left exacerbating this issue.

The standard shot, long and to the center/left of the fairway is terrible. The trees block any approach in the air, and a bunker is there to catch any running shot. There is effectively no benefit to try to shape the shot toward the hole.

There are two real alternative options:

  • The strategic approach is to play a midiron to the far right side of the fairway, trying to reach just short of the 100 yard mark. This strategy will leave a reasonable lie and a clear shot to the green. While counter-intuitive, the benefit here, is that it's a very approachable tee shot, with a very reasonable shot into the green.

  • Another approach is to try and fly it to the top of the hill while staying on the right side. It will still leave a tricky pitch from the rough to the green that sits awkwardly below the line of play. Which can mean real trouble when short-sided. The benefit, though, is that missing long shouldn't lead to too many problems.

Any approach shot here is completely dependent on the placement of the tee shot. Remember that the green slopes strongly back to front, so being in the correct region of the green is important. Lastly, note that the next tee box is near the green, so be mindful of errant shots.