Lake Chabot Golf Course
Hole 11
Par: 4
Blue: 420
White: 339
Red: 230
Men: 2
Women: 8
Hole 11 Discussion

A brutal hole from the tips (not pictured), this par 4 heads directly uphill to a long but narrow green. A wide fairway; the only major trouble lurks left with an OB walled off property.

For your first shot, a driver is a necessity: uphill all the way and really no great landing zone. As long as you aren't hookin' harder than Neverland's pirate captain, you should be able to avoid OB. The tree line along the right presents some danger, but with plenty of holes to find a line if you cut it.

For the second shot, take an extra club for the approach. A miss right is better than left, where there is a drop off and lies can be severe. Careful not to overhit - an odd fence obstacle guards a food shack behind the green.

The green is very deep and slopes back to front.