Carrick Knowe Golf Course
Hole 13
Par: 3
White: 149
Yellow: 142
Red: 135
Men: 12
Women: 18
Sand in play
Hole 13 Discussion

The 13th is a deceptive, short par 3. The green is well bunkered, with two bunkers on each side of the green, and a bunker well short. The green is very long, but narrow.

The tee shot plays through a narrow gap in two wooded areas. However, the hole plays into the prevailing wind, and the structure of the trees funnel the wind to a point at the narrowest point. This convergent wind can be strong enough to change the trajectory of the ball as it passes through the gap. The short bunker can capture shots that don’t take this wind into account.

If the wind is blowing, you may need to add 15 or more yards to your distance, and it can help to play low.